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Shinfield View is an all-inclusive care home

An all-inclusive price package is our way of helping to alleviate some of the stress from the process of moving into a care home. It means that everyone in the home is free to enjoy everything together and the worry about finances every month is a thing of the past.

Whether it’s hairdressing, a trip out, entertainment in the bar bistro or simply having friends over for Sunday lunch, nobody need worry that they will receive an extra bill. You can see in detail what’s included in this fantastic package on the all-inclusive section of the website.

A community-led
home with
added luxury

A care home with a ready-made community

Shinfield View sits proudly overlooking The Green in Shinfield, at the heart of the local community. Take a look inside and you’ll find a bustling, happy, contented community of individuals, each with their own amazing life story.

We focus on getting to know every resident and their stories so that settling in becomes easy and connections are made swiftly, meaning it’s easy to become a part of Shinfield View extended family. Whatever people have enjoyed throughout their life, we want them to continue to do so with us, in a safe, stimulating environment.

Your Care

Whatever an individual’s care requirements
are, they can be assured that at Shinfield View
their care will be the best available.
There are many things to consider when
establishing how best to care for an
individual and they all centre
upon enabling that person
to have maximum choice through
genuine, completely person-centred care.

Services offered at Shinfield View


Person-centred care is self-explanatory; it focuses on the individual and the requirements of that person, rather than using a dogmatic approach. The benefits are easy to see in the contentment and high sense of wellbeing of all our residents. By making sure each person is tended to in a way that suits them, it makes it easy for us to build a stimulating, inclusive community within the home.

Short Term Care

Short term care, often referred to as respite care, is essentially the same service and all-inclusive package as full time residential care, except it’s for an agreed shorter period. You may be looking to try living in a care home before deciding, or it may be following surgery or an accident. Whatever the reason is, you can be assured of the same outstanding care and warm welcome.

Exceptional Care

The CQC rated our home as outstanding in all five areas. They said: “The registered manager and staff showed exceptional skill and innovative thinking when looking for ways to reduce risks for people, whilst encouraging and enabling maximum independence.” and “People were treated with exceptional care and kindness.” When we say exceptional, we really mean it.

staying fit and well in a care home

Health & Wellbeing

Wellbeing at Shinfield View means being comfortable, healthy and happy, three words which define life here. Promoting wellbeing means ensuring people are socially included, regular health-checks and suitable exercise. Maintaining wellbeing means always discussing and listening to our residents’ needs and desires and ensuring they have the opportunity to fulfil whatever it is they want to achieve.

School Green, Shinfield, Berkshire RG2 9EH

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