Indulgence & Fun

Luxurious Decor
Unique Luxury


One look around Shinfield View and you will soon see the care and attention which has been employed in furnishing the home. We have followed a painstaking design process bringing in all sorts of different ideas, to achieve a look that is uniquely Shinfield. The pictures on the walls, the carpets and the curtains and the wallpapers are all chosen to create different moods, to relax and entertain, to blend away and to stand out. The main aim is to make the place feel like home. Something, we think you'll agree, that is special.

Landscaped Garden
Residents involved in gardening


Our outdoor areas are all landscaped and will become a vibrant display of colour in the spring and summer. If you fancy adding to the beauty then carry on! It's your own garden so why not join our gardening club and help shape the look for everyone to enjoy? When the weather is right, outdoor dining and entertainment is top of the list of activities. We have also added a sun terrace to our first floor so that you can quickly grab every ray of sun, no matter how small!

Life at the Care Home is always fun and exciting
Life at the Care Home is never Boring

Entertainment & Events

Who doesn't love a great night out? Or a grand night in? At Shinfield View you will never be left wondering what to do. Of course if you'd like your peace and quiet your wishes are always respected, but on the nights you fancy putting on your glad rags, you can rest assured that the variety of fun on offer at Shinfield View will never disappoint.

From singers and performers to roulette tables and wine tastings – our events programme is only limited by our combined imagination. There are activities for everyone, all week, whether you love painting, or reminiscing, or just walking around the gardens admiring the planting, there will always be some sort of structured activity for you to join in as frequently as you wish. We also have partnerships with the local football and bowls clubs, so if watching sport is your thing, our residents are always welcome greenside on a nice day.

The specific nature and timing of activities offered are decided by our residents and we will always do our best to facilitate their choice. Below are some examples of the type of activities favoured by our residents:

Inspiring lectures

Visits to the coast

Day trips to London

Pottery classes

Painting lessons

Photography courses

Live music

Visits by theatre groups

Gardening club

Luxurious Food
Fine Dining at the Nursing Home

Food & Dining

Food should be enjoyed however you want to. We have listened and thought long and hard about what our residents like to eat and how they like meals to be served. We found that food and the social aspect surrounding it is something that most people hold dear; it evokes memories of different eras in one's life, various people, and celebration. We think that in itself is something worth savouring.

We have created lovely welcoming spaces within Shinfield View for meals and snacks - variety is the order of the day. There is the main bar and bistro, thoughtfully divided up into areas where people can enjoy a meal together, and places where couples, individuals and small groups can easily congregate to chat and relax over coffee and biscuits.

The jewel in the crown for the foodies among you will be the fine dining room. Our residents are welcome to invite their families into the home for dinner, a special birthday, or just because they feel like it.

That's what sets this care home apart from the others – attention to the real desires of the individual. When we say that we want our residents to treat Shinfield View as their home, we mean it. Having space to invite your friends round in turn makes visiting hours longer, more relaxed, more enjoyable.

Hair Salon at the Care Home
Luxury Treatment at the Nursing Home

Hair and Nail Salon

Our hair salon is the perfect place to be pampered by our in-house stylist. Visit as often as you like and stay as long as you like - remember, our all-inclusive pricing means you never need to watch the clock, and whether it's a shampoo-and-set or a Mohawk you prefer, we'll make sure you get it.

Rated higher than 99.86% of all care homes in England.

Outstanding in All Areas | Highlights:

  In my opinion the service delivers top quality care. I have worked in my field for many years and in many care homes. I would state without hesitation that Shinfield View delivers the best quality care I have experienced anywhere, in every aspect, from the food, to the quality and variety of the activities, the access to a range of professional services, the physical environment of the building, its cleanliness and attractiveness and the kind-hearted staff who work there.  

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