During the process of the General Election- Shinfield View welcomed Angeline Albert from Carehome.co.uk to ask our residents and staff how they feel about the different party policies, and how we can support the individual’s right to vote. 

Angeline spoke with Naomi Robinson of Shinfield View, a former Conservative councilor for Wokingham District Council and Berkshire County Council and she was itching to talk about politics. Her response to the election question was clear and quick. “I shall be voting for Mrs May. I like her because I think she’s sturdy. She’s rather built in the style of Mrs Thatcher. I feel she’ll always be a firm person. I think the complexity of the political situation now, however hard she tries, I think it’s going to be very difficult for her.”  On her decision not to confirm what the cap will be before the election, Ms Robinson backs Theresa May, with the words: “No, because what she has to do is win the election and then see what she’s got”.

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So, yesterday’s polling day was widely anticipated among our residents - an important decision to make and a feeling of usefulness, and self-worth. Shinfield View supported its residents with their postal cards, and to walk across to the Polling Station at Shinfield Parish Hall. We provided prints of the parties policies to enable people to make their own informed choices.  It is extremely important Care Home’s across the country support their residents with their right to vote!  Shinfield View is a community within a community and it is very important that our residents still feel involved, and valuable. 

Our residents know their own minds, and for this morning’s reflection on the announcement of a hung parliament we went back to speak with Naomi. Naomi said “I am very disappointed, I feel sad because people who could have voted wasted their vote, and didn’t. I think Theresa May is brave, and I admire courage.  However, I don’t think all hope is lost, we must go on!”