With such beautiful weather this May, we thought we’d take advantage and get out and about in the sunshine – after all, you never know how long a sunny spell is going to last in England! Friday 11th May was a particularly beautiful day, so we decided to take a trip to Henley-on-Thames, complete with a delicious picnic, heading up past Reading into the beautiful county of Oxfordshire. Henley-on-Thames is known for its annual Royal Regatta, and although we visited a couple of months early to witness this iconic event taking place, it was great to see several beautiful boats on the water, sailing by as we enjoyed some fine food and drink – there was even Champagne flowing as the residents relaxed by the river, and a little dog came to join in the party. People were even taking photos, saying how amazing it looked!Everyone had a wonderful time in the sunshine, especially Janet – she grew up in Henley, then also lived and worked in the town too, so the visit meant a lot. We’ll no doubt be back there soon enough, following such rave reviews from residents.