Tiny Feet continues to be a hit, and for one of the weeks in February, we were joined by Princess Elsa! Residents continue to enjoy the company of our smaller friends, laughs, smiles and playing.

We held some Digni-teas with Staff and Residents to discuss what Dignity means to them. This turned out to be a very useful exercise, reminding staff of the importance of Dignity. Residents highlighted the bathrooms and asked for them to feel homelier, as it could feel a little overwhelming - this was immediately rectified, and now we think they look great!

Our Fitness Regime started! We enjoyed Zumba Gold, as well as Stephen Orwin joining us for Personal Training sessions, helping with light exercise, and strengthening exercises.

We had some trips further afield, and closer to home, that everyone enjoyed! A magnum of Champagne at Searcy’s the Gherkin, as well as a tour of St. Paul's Cathedral!

Deputy Manager Update: As you all know, sadly Nicola Nokes resigned from her position as Deputy Manager to reduce her working hours. Nicola is still a huge part of the team, and is working on Bank as a Senior Lead. We have been searching for a suitable candidate, and we have found her! Yasmin will be officially starting the 18th March, and comes with a wealth of experience. She looks forward to meeting you all in due course.

Thank you, Amanda

P.S. Don’t forget the next Relatives' Meeting is Wednesday 3rd April at 6:30pm.