Our #TurnShinfieldBlue campaign is gaining momentum, and the Shinfield View residents and team members have been busy spreading the word in the village.

The beautiful forget-me-not flower represents the memory loss experienced by those living with dementia, and that’s what our #TurnShinfieldBlue campaign centres on.

We have visited various local businesses already to ask them to join us and get involved, including Davis Tate, the Bell & Bottle Public House and Shinfield Post Office. We explained how if we all come together and turn our windows blue, we can raise awareness of this heart-wrenching illness – turning our village blue is an incredibly powerful way for everyone to get involved.

As part of our #TurnShinfieldBlue campaign to raise awareness and highlight dementia amongst our community, we took some of our lovely residents to visit a local preschool; everyone had lots of fun with the children, and they also took the time to help the little ones understand dementia and how it might affect elderly people they might know.

Shinfield View residents and staff were welcomed by the children with big smiling faces and sat together with the kids to paint beautiful forget-me-not flowers. Everyone from Shinfield View – staff and residents alike – spent time chatting with the children about how sometimes grannies and grandads can forget things, and we can all help together and be kind and patient with them.

If you’d like to get involved or have any great fundraising ideas that you think will help to spread the word and raise awareness, we would love to hear from you!

Our aim with the #TurnShinfieldBlue campaign is for everyone to gain an understanding of dementia and how we can all help support each other in our wonderful little village.