Thankful Tuesday  - We are thankful to all our amazing team, residents and relatives at Shinfield View!! Here’s another instalment for our #GladToCare Campaign. Shannon, one of our carers. “My name is Shannon, I have worked at Shinfield View for the past 2 and a half years, during this time each day has been so different and enjoyable. I am glad to be a carer because I like to ensure that they are happy everyday. I enjoy being able to have one to one time with residents and to reminisce about past events they have experienced in there lives and you wouldn’t believe some of the stories. I have heard all kinds, such as some of the residents having to evacuate during the war and what it was like living through that time. We are one big family and I can’t wait for many more years to come” Continue following us for the rest of the week to hear more  #GladToCare