Here is what it means to Toni, Our Bar Manager, to work at Shinfield View. "I am glad to care because my job brings me real satisfaction. I love serving food and drinks to the friends and families of our residents and seeing them spending quality time together over meals in the bistro, it is great for them to still be able to enjoy food at the same table as if they were still in their family home. I have made great relationships between residents and their families whilst I have been here and we always have such a laugh together. Part of my job is to get involved in helping to put on community events, seeing the community and residents building new relationships at these evening events has been wonderful. In the bistro or garden you can find everyone dancing and singing together on a regular basis and sometimes you forget your even in a care home or even at work. The home is so family friendly which I love the most. I find it just as important to get to know the families, so that they go away knowing that their loved ones are in the very best hands when they are not around. In my bar sometimes I find myself just listening to the residents stories that they are telling each other and thinking how amazing some of their lives have been." #GladToCare week is not over just yet, keep an eye out for more from our wonderful staff here at Shinfield View!!